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Lesson 13: Kill 'Em with Kindness!

I was taught this lesson in my childhood by my godmother. She would say this statement quite frequently! Because you know people will definitely TRY YOU! To “kill people with kindness” is to respond with kindness when people treat you in a manner that is not kind. But being the light that we are called to be in this world, we cannot let other people dictate our actions. We cannot allow others to move us from our peace.

It is important to note that when you don’t react in a disrespectful manner to people, some people will try to say that you are a push over. People will say that you let people take advantage of them. This is far from the truth. In actuality, you know that responding with disrespect is not going to change the situation, it’s going to elevate it to an even worse place and now you have a bigger issue. You can still advocate for yourself and be kind. You can still get what you need and be kind. You can still address problems and be kind. Being kind is not being a doormat. Being kind is recognizing the inherent dignity in each and every person while also upholding your own character.

And here’s the secret, when you "kill them with kindness," you always leave the person wondering why you didn’t turn up on them. I promise you! I have seen it happen time and time again. They will rack their brain about what is “different” about you. And trust me, the streets are watching too. People notice how you react. You never know who is being influenced by your behavior. Because of the way you handle a situation, someone else may be tempted to try to act in kindness/respect and here you are being a role model and not even knowing it!

The last thing is, "killing them with kindness" is really for you. When you disrespect others or “turn up on them,” that is stressful! Your blood pressure rises. You get a headache. You have lost your peace. This is not healthy. This is not helpful either. Try "killing people with kindness" and see how it changes your life!

Love y’all!


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