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Check-In: Three Months Abroad

When I decided to move abroad I really thought I would be able to provide life updates on my blog at least once a month, if not more often. What I realized though, while moving abroad does encompass a lot that I can talk about, I am not always ready to share everything right away. I know that I have family and friends who want to know what's going on, so keep reading for a little peak inside my life at the moment!


Moving abroad was a HUGE transition for me and while I am so grateful for the opportunity and I am VERY happy with my decision, moving abroad has brought up a lot for me.

I have been busy trying to find a routine that works for me. I am getting used to a new way of living. I am dealing with FOMO (fear of missing out) while also living out dreams that I never even imagined. I am making space for all of me, being a new Black Woman teacher at my first international school. I am reflecting on my current beliefs and practices in relationships. I am still showing up for the people and things I love. It’s been a lot and I am still processing. I’m not ready to share it all just yet. I know I will publicly have the words one day, but for right now they live in my journal and with the people closest to me.

The last four months of my life have been a whirlwind to say the least. I touched down in India at 2am on July 21st and started working at 8am that same day. Jetlag plagued my first two weeks here. In the beginning I had a hard time finding food that I wanted to eat. Lockdown protocols kept me in the house for quite some time. Despite these things, my first four months have had a lot of highlights as well.

Here are a few things that have made me laugh, smile, and revel in peace & joy since July:

  • Nature! Chennai is soooo green! It’s the first thing I noticed upon arrival. There are also SO many animals everywhere. I don’t like animals near me, but I do appreciate the love and care the culture has for literally every living thing.

  • The weather! It’s still 80 degrees Fahrenheit and it’s November! It’s monsoon season currently though so the rains are super heavy!

  • I got my nose pierced! If you haven’t already heard this story, ask me about it the next time we're in person.

  • I’ve met some really cool coworkers who have become friends, and now we are a traveling group! Finding my community was one of my biggest worries coming over here. God has truly blessed me.

  • I’ve traveled to Agra, Bangalore, and Goa in the last three months. The international teaching lifestyle is definitely an experience. Travel tips for each location coming soon!

  • My kids! Teaching at an international school means I have kids from all over. Majority of my class is Korean, but I also have Japanese, Dutch, French, and American kids in the class! I am learning so much and there’s never a dull moment!

  • Doing everyday “normal” stuff (going to the bank, the mall, the movies, out to eat, buying a plane ticket, etc.) and being so shocked at how different the experience is while also being the same. It’s crazy!

Things that have kept me sane:

  • Amadora Ice Cream! I’ve never been a huge dessert person, but this move has brought it out of me. I’ve probably eaten twice my weight in vanilla ice cream and brownies since I moved here.

  • Staying in 5-star hotels! It started with my birthday and we've kept it up most places I’ve traveled. The luxury is 100% for me!

  • I bought a couch! Mostly for naps, also to host people over.

  • I purchased a car! Princess Nahla has a sister named Ruby now!

  • I hired a driver and house help! Game changer for real!

  • I’ve been doing yoga and reading for pleasure consistently!

  • Consistent communication with friends and family back home! My new love language is being told good morning during the correct time in my time zone! But yes I still appreciate the texts and calls during other times too. (It’s the thought that counts)

This is just a VERY brief overview. Life is happening! I am happy and healthy. I have a lot of stories to tell. Thanks for rocking with me and for checking in on me! I greatly appreciate it.

What questions do you all have for me about India, international teaching, or life abroad in general? Let me know in the chat and I will answer in future blog posts!

Love y’all!

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