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Lesson 21: Where God Guides, He Provides

There are just some things I don’t worry about anymore. It’s not because I have never been a worrier. But it is because I have seen God come through in ways that have left me in shock and disbelief and then calling my mommy to tell her just how good God is to me! If you want, you can ask her! She will tell you I have called her multiple times crying on the phone only for the tears to be tears of joy because God has made a way like no one here on Earth can!

As I look back over my life, I can see moments where only God could have arranged the plans and shown up. There were times when money that I was counting on would have the smallest delay, I would be stressed out and worried that I would not receive it on time. But God! I can proudly say that I have never missed a meal or paid a bill late! There have been times where I desired true community around me! But God! He has set me up with people in my life that I NEVER would have thought I would build connections. There have been experiences that I could not have even dreamed about! But God! I am still in awe of the life I am living!

In these 25 years, I have realized that God’s provision does not always show up as I may have expected it to though. If I get stuck on my expectation of how I want God to show up, I can miss it, or forget to be grateful. So, I have learned to take the limits off of God and to trust Him. He is ALWAYS with me!

This blog is a testament of God’s provision. Not only has God given me the experiences to be used as content, many of the blog posts that you have read or will read were written way before I even thought about starting Live, Love, Learn, Teach! Some were written on Padlet and saved away. Others were saved as drafts on Tumblr. Many were typed in my phone’s Notes app. And others were in past journals. As I began to really think about the idea of starting a blog, I remembered all of the “content” I had already written. Back then it was me just trying to get some thoughts out of my head, but now I know that God had a purpose!

Even though I know that God will provide wherever He leads me, I still struggle believing this in ALL areas of my life. Sometimes I still question. Sometimes I still ask for fifty-eleven signs. Sometimes I still struggle to take the first step in faith. I am glad that God’s grace still covers me, and I am grateful for my past experiences that I use to remember that what He did before, He can surely do again!

How has God shown up for you in this current season you are in? I am excited to read about how God is still working in the comments!

Love y’all!


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