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My 25th Birthday!

Going into 2020, I knew I was turning 25. I was super excited. My gift to myself was a week-long trip to South Africa with my mom that we planned and booked for November 2020 (At the time of writing this post I still haven’t canceled those plans yet because I am still holding out hope, lol.) The trip to South Africa is about 3 months after my birthday, so in March I made other plans for my actual birthday weekend. August 14th fell on a Friday this year, so I knew I would first celebrate with my scholars in the classroom, then I planned to drive to the airport and catch a flight for a solo trip to Savannah. After being in Georgia for three years, this was still one place I haven’t visited. I planned and booked everything for a relaxing trip and that was it.

When Coronavirus hit, I definitely didn’t think that it would last until my birthday. But when July rolled around, I realized this wasn’t letting up any time soon. Technically I could’ve still traveled to Savannah, but being in a new city, with major restrictions, alone did not seem like the exciting trip I planned. To be honest, I cried. I did not want to spend my birthday alone if I wasn’t going to be traveling. Instead of worrying though, I prayed. I told God that He knew exactly what I needed and that I would trust Him.

The very next day my best friend called and asked me what I was doing for my birthday and if I wanted to plan it, or if I wanted to be surprised. I told her a mix of both. In my “giving it over to God” a few ideas popped up for me and I wanted to make sure they happened. Long story short, she took the anchoring activities and then ran with the rest.

And honey did she run! Last weekend was one of the best weekends of my life! We stayed in Atlanta in an AMAZING AirBnB, and I felt super celebrated, taken care of, and most of all, loved. The best part of the weekend was having great people around who genuinely care about my wellbeing. The icing on the cake were the thoughtful surprises that satisfied my deepest needs.

If this year has shown me anything, it’s that I am loved! God has revealed over and over that even though plans that don’t always go my way, I am cared for by Him, and one way His love for me is expressed is tangibly through the people I call family and friends.

As I move into the next chapter of my life, I am ready, hopeful, and expectant. I am sticking with God and I know that abundance of what I need is with me wherever I go. I am full of love to give, and I am making space to receive it too! I may not know all of the details, but I know for sure that my future is bright! Cheers to 25 and many more!

If you celebrated a birthday during social distancing, what did you do? Share with me in the comments!

Love y’all!


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