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Twenty-Five Lessons Before 25!

TWENTY-FIVE years old. Whoa! I remember dreaming about being in my twenties as a child and I can honestly say this is not what I dreamt up. If you asked my younger self what 25 would be like, I’m pretty sure the answer would be heavily influenced by the “perfect” life we see on television. My life up until this point has not been what I thought it would have been, but I can also say that it has definitely been better. Through my quarter of a century, I have been through a few things and these experiences have taught me a lot. For the next 25 days before my birthday on August 14th, I will write about the many lessons I have learned. Y’all ready?! Because I am!

If there is a lesson that resonates with you, or if you have a lesson that has been critical in your development as an adult, please share!

Love y’all!


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