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Why Start a Blog?

I remember being in college experiencing so many new things. One of my first actions, after calling my mother, was to search the internet for a blog post that was related to what I was going through. Many times, I couldn’t find any blog post by Black women that helped me feel seen or known in my exact situation. Sometimes when you can’t find what you’re looking for you have to create it yourself. That’s not the only reason though.

I also journal very often. Actually, I journal every single day. There will be another post on that later. But my journal entries would literally be me processing through issues in my life. I had the thought that this could help more people than myself.

This brings me to my why. My blog is entitled Live, Love, Learn, Teach: Because Life is Meant to be Shared! I have learned over the years that life is not meant to be done alone. As we go through the mundane, the highs and the low, we are inevitably going to gain understanding about how the world around us works. What I have experienced more often than not is that the lessons learned are not shared with others. It could be shame, embarrassment, selfishness, feeling like you’re the only one, or thinking the other person won’t listen, that keeps us from sharing. Whatever reason, those feelings are valid, but also, I have also found that opening up and sharing has enriched my life so much. I have learned so much from many women that have chosen to pour into my life, from my friends sharing their own experiences, and from opening up about my own life to family and friends. Honestly it has lifted the weight of holding it all in. So now I am choosing to write my lessons and share them here with you! I hope you enjoy and learn a thing or two!

As my dad always tell me, my life is not just for me! We are created to help someone else! Who has taught you a great lesson in your life? Share with me in the comments!

Love y’all!


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